" Every property we design, develop and create that distinguishes it from the rest in the market "

About Us

SMB are privately-owned luxury property developers that bring to life residential projects that are designed with pristine detail for a premium living experience. Our aim as a new venture is to build projects with distinct craftsmanship and deliver the best end property result to please our clients. We’re passionate about curating unique homes, with custom materials and details for our homes to be a rewarding investment for the years to come.

We strive to be renowned for every property we design, develop and create that distinguishes it from the rest in the market. With stunning yet accessible locations, the residents in our homes will be able to enjoy gorgeous views. Our personal approach to really connect with our client’s needs and deliver accordingly allows us to be build and create strong links of associations and trusted relationships. Through this extensive network, we are able to remain professional and grow into an entity that is able to develop bespoke property solutions for extraordinary living.

What we stand for

Leading With Change

Each property is unique to the market, with design, features and amenities to serve an extraordinary yet functional living environment for the residents.

Quality First

A true sign of a great property is in the quality of the workmanship applied. Our team places significant importance in ensuring each detail of the project is matched to the highest standards .

Trusted Relationship

Our professional approach combined with the individualistic connections allows us to pioneer in the real estate industry to provide truly unique experiences.

" Experience a luxury living like no other "

Our Homes

Open doors to luxury and comfort. Each home is carefully designed to invigorate a feeling of warmth, ease and cheer of living in beautifully planned space. Every detail is immaculately thought-of, from lush exterior spaces with plenty of amenities to well designed interior spaces for a luxury living experience like no other. Our team designs, develops and builds properties for identifiable elegance in looks and living style ranging high-end apartments to cosy family homes

Our Experts

The team at SMB consists of professionals in the development industry that understands the market so well that ensure they build to exceed expectations. The projects as magnificent as they may be; are backed by a dedicated team of architects, surveyors, interior designers, project managers and a devoted aftersales team for us to always be at prompt service to our clients. We strive to operate with integrity and efficiency to ensure projects get delivered on time and residents enjoy their beautiful property.