SMB Suites 3400 sq. ft. 4 BHK 2600 sq. ft. 3 BHK SMB Karura View 2610 sq. ft. 4 BHK 2100 sq. ft. 3 BHK 2 BHK 1300 sq. ft.

We’re focused on creating new living spaces which are beautiful, useful and innovative

What we do?

SMB are privately-owned luxury property developers that bring to life residential projects that are designed with pristine detail for a premium living experience.
Leading With Change: Each property is different, to consistently have the edge over the market.
Quality First: As we build, maintain premium quality is essential for consumer to experience sophistication.
Trusted Relationships: Our connections with trusted partners carve way for fruitful associations.

Magnificent Design, Functional Style

We are developing unique properties that will open doors to a whole new experience of luxury living

Surround Yourself With Elegance

We present a charming blend of contemporary designed homes with magnificent views in beautiful surroundings.

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